Hopefully this site will help you to decide if I’m the right therapist for you or your loved ones.

I like to say that “I came to do this for a living honestly”. In the early 1980’s, I myself was in need of counseling and without a referral, picked a therapist from the yellow pages. Thankfully she was a good match and was extremely helpful to me and my family.

But therapy was just the start for me. My experience gave birth to a passion to further study human behavior, and eventually I developed a career in the field of counseling.

I have a long list of people to thank for what I have discovered about myself and others. Yet, more than 2 ½ decades later, I am still fascinated and still learning.

The truth be told, psychotherapy is not a perfect science. There are many theories and opinions but few hard facts. Like the universe, there is more that we don’t know about the human mind than we do know.

So please be my guest and read on. The following pages briefly reflect my experience and style. If you are comfortable or curious to know more, please contact me.

Maybe I’ll be a good match for you!
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